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Call for Papers: Fünfte IOS-Jahrestagung „Corruption in Eastern/Southeastern Europe and Latin America: Comparative Perspectives“ 29. Juni bis 1. Juli 2017 im Institut für Ost- und Südosteuropaforschung (IOS) in Regensburg

Fristende: 31. Januar 2017

In much of today’s media discourse, corruption serves as a short-hand explanation for almost every political problem. Low levels of development, social injustice, a lack of security or even setbacks in the struggle against terrorism – in all these fields corruption is seen as a key factor operating in the background. The social sciences, and to some degree the humanities as well, have responded to this trend by intensifying research on the topics of corruption and governance. While previous research has often been quantitative and normative, newer work takes the difficulties and complexities of
transforming „corrupt“ into „clean“ orders more seriously and tries to understand why certain practices persist even if the institutional framework is changed. Other scholars, particularly in the humanities, explore discourses on corruption, considering them a political strategy against those labeled as „corrupt“.

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