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Bayreuth International Summer School 2016

Veranstaltungsdatum: 4. - 15. Juli 2016

Veranstaltungsort: Campus-Akademie der Universität Bayreuth · Universitätsstraße 30 · 95440 Bayreuth

Organisatoren: International Office Universität Bayreuth

The Bayreuth International Summer School 2016 consists of four courses held simultaneously in different areas.
All courses are conducted in English by international guest professors and will take place over the duration of two weeks. Participants have the opportunity to theoretically and practically engage for approximately 6 hours each day in various seminars and discussions.
Advantage: Learning and working in a small group of max. 15-20 international participants!


1) "International Economics and Management - Developments and Debates" (Economics & Business Management)
2) "Materials and Technologies for Future Energy Systems" (Engineering & Material Science)
3) "Africas in the World. Migrating/Travelling Ideas and Persons" (African Studies)
4) "Colloids and Polymers in Energy and Life Science" (Chemistry and Biotechnology)







Sustainable Development Goals (UN)

BAYLAT setzt durch seine Aktivitäten Sustainable Development Goals der Vereinten Nationen um.

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