Bayerisches Hochschulzentrum für Lateinamerika


Bavarian Pre-Opening Next Generation Solar Energy Meets Nanotechnology

Date: 23rd November 2016

Where: Erlangen, Bayern

Organization by: Bayern Innovativ, Bavarian State Ministry of the Environment and Consumer Protection (StMUV)

The focus of this congress is to cross-link at an early stage world-class science and business in the area of next generation energy (essentially photovoltaics) to further enhance technological and commercial exploitation. The conference offers an excellent opportunity to learn about latest developments and current projects in this field and to exchange ideas and experiences with experts from around the world. The goal is to incubate new projects in the growing field of next generation photovoltaics.


Under the aegis of the project association “Environmentally Compatible Applications of Nanotechnology”, universities and research institutions are collaborating in applied research projects for the responsible use of nanotechnology. We aim to develop environmentally safe applications for organic photovoltaics, energy storage devices and thermoelectrics. At the same time, we wish to increase awareness of the opportunities and potentials of these new technologies and promote an objective discussion in public and among experts.



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